Sunday, September 16, 2012

Emails between Tyler and his siblings

Some photos taken of Tyler, Todd, Tiffani, and Trent before Tyler a few days before Tyler left for his mission.  I couldn't get a serious one, believe me, I tried!  I think they're cute -- just having fun together.

Sept. 9, 2012
Hi Tyler!!!
  How's the MTC? What is your favorite food and what do you eat every day? If I was there I would drink chocolate milk and eat doughnuts every meal! Do you like your companion Elder_____________( I don't remember his name).  I had a soccer game on Saturday--my first one but we lost. We need to practice some more I think. It was a fun game though because I had some friends on that team from swim team. I got my hair cut just below my shoulders the Friday after you left.It feels so different! Is it very hot down in Utah? It's really hot down here except for in the mornings. I wish it wasn't so hot right now especially during soccer season. What are a few of your favorite words in Tagalog? How do you say Elder Bowers?  Todd is taking over all of your old stuff!  I already can't wait to hear your voice again!  I hope you are having a great time and miss you lots! You're the best missionary ever!
I love you Tyler!  

Sept. 11, 2012
Hi Tiffani!!! The MTC is pretty good! There are lots of favorite foods. They are all good. We work so hard that I'm always hungry by every meal! A lot of my companions have gained a lot of weight already because they eat so much junk food. I haven't though cause I don't do that! And I've been working out!  My companion Elder _______ is good most of the time.  It gets hard to be with someone 24 hours a day though!!!!  Good luck practicing with soccer! You'll probably win very soon if you work hard :)  You'll have to show me pictures of your hair! It hasn't been toooo hot, but there are a lot of people in my classroom that is really small so the AC doesn't work super great. I have a lot of favorite words in Tagalog! To say "I am Elder Bowers" i say "Ako po si Elder Bowers." For you it would be "Ako po si Tiffani!" I've been sick for a week so my voice is kinda bad! Which stinks cause we sing all the time!  Miss you too! Have a good week!


Here is a message from Trent -- I included it with our weekly email to Tyler:  
Hello Tyler!!!  I've been playing with Legos a lot!  I like to invent new things with Legos.  I've also been playing soccer after school with Tiffani in our yard.  Yesterday Mom played too.  I helped Mom make frosting for the cinnamon rolls this morning.  I used the drill to mix it!  How do you say "Trent" in Tagalog?  How do you say, "This food is delicious!"?  
I love you!  Trent

Sept. 11, 2012
For Trent:
Hi Trent!
In Tagalog to say "Good morning/afternoon/evening!" you say "Magandang umaga/hapon/gabi po!" To say hi you say "Kumusta!" Good is "Mabuti!" Yes is "oo (pronounced ohoh), no is "hindi" church is "simbahan" and how are you is "Kumusta po kayo?"  I'm sorry you're sick! I've been sick too. It's not fun. That's crazy you slept in so late! I never get to sleep in anymore! I love you too and pray for you too! Have a good week! Love, Tyler

Sept. 3, 2012
Dear Tyler,
I hope you have had a good time so far in the MTC, its kinda wierd not having you here but i know that you'll do great on your mission too. I'm glad that you were able to come home and visit with us for a while. Have you started learning Tagalog yet? is it a hard language to learn? is the food very good? I'll stop asking Questions now and i hope that you have a good week  =)

Sept. 9, 2012
I'm glad to hear that you're doing good, school has been pretty good so far. Do the teachers only speak in Tagalog or do some teach you with english too? how do you learn the basics of the langauge, in english or just listening? have they started teaching you the lessons and how to be a missionary yet? what is your schedule like at the MTC? i hope that you have a good second week on your mission.
Love, Todd  = )

Sept. 11, 2012
Hi Todd! The teachers pretty much speak in Tagalog but we do have 2 hours a day of class where the teachers are speaking English.  We are in class about 13 hours a day I think.  We have a language study book to learn from that explains the concepts with english words, but the teacher is only speaking Tagalog during that time.  The 2 hours a day of lessons in english are the lessons teaching us HOW to teach/how to be a missionary. My schedule varies daily but it's mostly like this:

6:30am wake up
7:00 planning
7:45 breakfast
8:20-11:20 class
11:25-12:25 personal study
12:25 lunch
1:10-3:10 class
3:20-4:20 language self practice
4:20-5:20 more class
5:25 dinner
6:20-7:10 gym
then more study
then 30 min personal time
then 10:30 bed.

Thanks for the email!! How is cross country going? And school?


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