Friday, November 2, 2012

Phone call from Tyler!

On Monday evening, October 29th, Tyler called home from the L.A. airport, as he was waiting for his direct flight to Hong Kong, and from there to Manilla, where he would go by bus (jeepney) to the mission home in Urdaneta, Philippines.

It was GREAT to talk to him. . . a very wonderful 45 minutes!  He sounded happy and ready to enter the mission field.  He shared with us his newly-acquired Tagalog language skills, and of course, we were proud and amazed.  He told us, among other things, that he is "a missionary from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" and also what his purpose is as a missionary: "to preach the gospel and to invite others to come unto Christ."  He said he felt confident about teaching the gospel in Tagalog, but also a bit nervous about communicating simple needs, such as directions, and other everyday language/carrying on conversations with his companion, who will most likely be a native of the Philippines.

We are anxiously awaiting correspondence from Tyler telling us about his arrival in the mission field and his experiences so far in the Philippines!

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